Why Does Deacom Exist?

Deacom was founded in a basement in 1995 with a vague dream to create an ERP software product that was powerful yet simple to use and would not require customization. The dream was software that would be easy to implement, would be simple to maintain, would have a predictable cost of ownership and would have the ability to adapt to rapidly changing customer needs. Over time that vague dream has evolved into an all-consuming passion and the basement has given way to Deacom’s two offices where a large staff of professionals work to advance the dream of making complex issues simple.
We are the artisans of ERP, the scientists, the dreamers and the risk-takers.  We are the confronters of complexity, always seeking the simplest truth.  We are the oddballs, disenchanted by the traditional software model, willing to put it all on the line for what we believe is the right path, even if it’s not the traditional path.  We are the producers of an ERP software like no other, built specifically for mid-tier process manufacturers looking for a better solution.  An alternative for everyone who has lived to tell the tales of failed implementations, broken promises, and clunky software.
Fellow adventure seekers - take the path less traveled, embrace your desire to be different, and join us in our quest for simplicity.  Because as crazy as it may sound, we have a deep and abiding passion for taking the complexity our clients deal with everyday and breaking it down to the simplest possible solution.
Go ahead, call us crazy. We’re used to it.

Complexity Made Simple

Everything done at Deacom is judged by whether it is as simple as it can be. This philosophy is so important at Deacom that it became the company mantra and is front and center of all activities every minute of every day. When something doesn’t pass the Complexity Made Simple test, it is done again. And again. And again. We are not perfect at Deacom, but we are persistent. Deacom handles complex issues such as multi-facility MRP, multi-company balancing, foreign currency conversions, pharmaceutical validation and strict lot tracking. When these complex issues are addressed they are done the Deacom way until an easily repeatable business process has been created. Deacom exists to make ERP software simpler and more powerful for customers like you.

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Single Solution

In the relentless pursuit of simplicity, the decision was made to internally develop an entire ERP solution for process manufacturers. When two pieces of metal are welded together, the most common failure point is right on the weld. Likewise, the most common point of failure for ERP software is where it links to other systems. Deacom solved this problem by removing the traditional bolt-ons and developing all the tools natively in a single solution. Deacom’s competitors often integrate third party solutions for functions such as formula management, quality control management, regulatory document generation and warehouse management. By writing all the code in-house in the unique Deacom way, a true single solution was created that reduced the customer’s risk of failure and removed the traditional clumsy work-a-rounds caused by multiple systems welded together. Deacom exists to provide a single solution to a highly targeted group of customers.

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Industry Specialist

Deacom focuses exclusively on the process manufacturing industry to provide a very targeted solution for customers that make products with a recipe or formula. Deacom competes every day with billion dollar software companies that try to be all things to all people. Deacom wins by understanding the unique requirements of process manufacturers and by translating those needs into software solutions that make peoples lives simpler. Just about any ERP system will handle things like AR, AP and GL fairly well. In a vertical market, the last seven percent of functionality is the difference between a system that natively handles unique business requirements and a system that needs to be customized. Deacom exists to handle the last seven percent of functionality for process manufacturers better than anyone on the planet.

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Scalable Solution

System performance is something Deacom works on every single day. Deacom has a demonstrated ability to handle hundreds of concurrent users spread across large numbers of locations. Deacom’s single solution approach has provided great benefits by allowing the data footprint to be reduced to its lowest possible level.  Deacom uses state of the art development tools to provide web access, mobile access and to ensure data integrity across companies with worldwide operations. Larger enterprises have often been forced to go to tier one providers to find a solution that can handle their volume requirements. Deacom exists so companies can now choose a vendor that handles their volume requirements, provides their functional requirements and fits their budget requirements.

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