Deacom ERP Software Functionality

The DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system seamlessly integrates all areas of your company – from production and labor tracking to order entry and invoicing – giving you a comprehensive view of your entire operation. DEACOM lets you manage your business your way … simply and efficiently. DEACOM's integrated solution includes:



  • Real-time postings allow instant access to financial results
  • Drill down to transactional details from accounting summaries and reports
  • Configurable chart of account structure allows for reporting by profit center, division, locations or any other business entity
  • A/R, A/P, labor tracking, inventory control and job costing all flow directly into the general ledger
  • Create an infinite number of custom financial statements
  • View financial data based on any time period desired
  • Perform transactions in multiple currencies
  • Do online bank account reconciliation
  • Create journal entries for requiring and reversing entries
  • Create budgets and compare to actual results
  • Manage large projects using progress billing to generate invoices based on percent completion
  • Store customer credit card information in accordance with PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security
  • Integration with PayPal credit card processing


  • Real-time posting to general ledger and accounts receivable
  • Automatically import orders through integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) tool
  • Configure customer specific items through a visual feature tree
  • Orders instantly appear as demand in inventory and MRP reporting
  • Calculate available-to-sell quantities automatically during order entry
  • Calculate, collect and pay sales and use taxes for multiple tax regions
  • Setup deal pricing by customer, salesman, product, product group, cost plus, list minus and many more
  • Built-in sales analysis, reporting and commission calculation tools
  • Print customizable packing lists, bills of lading, pick lists, invoices and customer statements
  • Enter notes to print on delivery tickets or invoices
  • Sell from multiple warehouses and view inventory on hand for each warehouse
  • Create intercompany transfers to ship items between facilities


  • Built-in purchasing analysis and reporting tools
  • Price optimization based on user pricing rules with capability to automatically create POs for materials based on these prices
  • Purchase the same item from multiple vendors with pre-defined pricing
  • Convert vendor units and quantities to your units quantities automatically
  • Buy items with internal SKU or vendor part number
  • Purchase to multiple warehouses and view inventory on-hand at each warehouse
  • Printouts can be grouped with like items on a single line with multiple size descriptions
  • Automatically generate 1099 forms
  • Automatically generate backorders when required


  • Completely integrated formula management module allows changes to formulas to instantly impact inventory, production requirements and planning
  • Set up formulas once, then scale to any batch or package size
  • Infinitely configurable, user-definable calculations and user fields allow lab functions to be done in your own style


  • Completely integrated contact management system allows sales team to manage customers through workflows, tasks and opportunities
  • Track sales commissions
  • Contact groups allow marketing teams to execute campaigns
  • Mobile application for on-the-go CRM 


  • Flexible reporting gives management the tools to see any aspect of the company
  • Dashboard reporting provides real-time access to performance for management teams
  • Report previews allow the most important to be displayed in one location and make reports easy to access
  • Create triggers to automatically send documents and emails after a system process is completed


  • Maintain perpetual inventory costing for all items based on FIFO, LIFO, average cost or standard cost
  • Track lots for all items automatically; see where parts came from and where they go
  • Maintain item locations and location types across multiple facilities
  • Manage item expiration dates
  • Maintain and view a permanent part history for all items
  • Maintain item master file with 30-character, alpha-numeric part numbers
  • Manage catch weight items
  • Roll back inventory to any date in time to view quantities and values
  • Maintain multiple warehouses and track inventory across individual warehouses or across the organization
  • Manage item costing across multiple facilities
  • Integrated materials requirements planning functionality allows for purchase orders and jobs to be created as needed
  • Build item forecasts based on historical data or setup manual forecasts
  • Create multi-level bills of material
  • View WIP at any point in time


  • Schedule jobs directly through MRP functionality
  • Create jobs for stock or jobs directly linked to sales orders
  • Track accumulated hours on each job and show remaining hours and estimated completion dates
  • Job scheduling tools for visual production management
  • Schedule by separate production facilities, different product categories and other user-defined criteria
  • Determine bottlenecks based on loading of work centers
  • Setup job routings for production
  • Easily calculate actual job costs with materials, labor, machine costs, purchases and overhead
  • Directly connect to production equipment to system through integrated APIs
  • View live data showing each worker’s current task


  • Schedule preventative maintenance tasks to avoid equipment failures and increase machine productivity
  • Create maintenance schedules alongside production schedule to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Automatically generate requisitions and purchase orders by utilizing minimum stocking levels for maintenance parts and MRP functionality
  • Create on demand work requests for facility maintenance tasks. Track all maintenance requests to completion
  • Assign maintenance tasks to worker groups or individual workers for completion
  • Build reports to analyze the life of machines and track the cost of maintenance across all facilities
  • Track depreciation on all machine assets
  • Attach ISO 9000 and OSHA documents for maintenance to all machines for easy access

  • Real-time transaction posting
  • Easy-to-use cash register application for rapid checkouts
  • Completely integrated with the central system for inventory and pricing control
  • Scanning of items automatically calculates selling price for customer-specific pricing


  • Fully integrated scanning system for managing warehouse operations
  • Real-time transaction posting
  • Setup 3 of 9 or GS1-128 barcodes for tracking inventory
  • Receive purchase orders and put inventory into designated location
  • License plating for tracking lots
  • Pick and stage inventory for production jobs
  • Reserve inventory for sales orders
  • Find and move specific items in the warehouse
  • Perform paperless physical inventory counts


  • Automatically collect payroll and job costing data from the shop floor
  • Monitor warehouse staff’s time, attendance and performance
  • Track hours across work centers and operations
  • Track rework, downtime and maintenance costs


  • Create regulatory documents in Microsoft Word with real-time data
  • Calculate hazardous materials, gather data and comply with SARA reporting requirements
  • Automatically create Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) based on actual ingredients used in each formulation
  • Deliver regulatory compliance data directly to online MSDS forms
  • Automatically generate Certificates of Analysis (COA) documents
  • Create MSDS template forms using shared data groups for ease of maintenance
  • Create QC test groups with test ranges and target values and permanently store results for reporting
  • Track revisions to formulas to know exactly how a product was made in each batch


  • Ensure data integrity and flexibility with DSD functionality built directly into the DEACOM ERP system
  • Access/modify data in real-time via mobile application on any Apple iOS device
  • Schedule and manage delivery routes using Google Maps
  • Manage inventory for each delivery truck prior to the route and during the route
  • Sync orders to the mobile device to allow drivers to operate offline throughout the day
  • Allow drivers to modify orders, process returns, capture signatures, take photos and print invoices
  • Lot-track each product delivered
  • Reconcile inventory on each truck at the end of each day
  • Utilize detailed sales reports to track deliveries throughout the day and at the completion of a route